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Do I Really Want Clear?

We offer premium clear substrates and also have extensive white ink capabilities to enhance color opacity and also to add white text or artwork.  But, we still always ask… Do you really want clear?

Why do we ask?  Well, clear substrates are an excellent solution for going on a product and not have to match the color of the product, or it may be necessary for going on a clear object or container.  Or perhaps you need areas of the label to be transparent for LED and numerous other reasons.  However you should consider a few items to ensure you won’t be disappointed, we want you to be informed so you can make the right decisions.

Clear on a Textured Surface Clear on a Smooth Surface

So what do I do?  We have samples we can mail to you for testing, but if you’re schedule is tight, just consider the following items:

  1. Air entrapment under a clear label on some surfaces is very visible, beware of applying to imperfect or textured surfaces.
  2. A clear label may require more care and time to apply.  It is difficult to hand apply a clear label without getting a fingerprint on the back, which will likely be visible after the label is applied.
  3. If these are concerns, consider alternatives.  Matching a background is possible, however we recommend sending us a sample to match, or match to a Pantone® color book swatch.

If you have any questions, speak to one of labels specialists so you can have the information you need to ensure you get the perfect label.

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