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Color Matching

Color Gamut

Making Color

Color Gamuts: Not all of the colors we can see in nature can be reproduced. Our computer display recreates colors by mixing Red, Green and Blue (RGB) lights. Printing traditionally recreates colors by mixing Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK) inks.

The chart to the right shows the amount of colors each can recreate. As you can see your display cannot display every possible color you can find in nature, and a printer can recreate even less. It is important to remember that it is difficult to get extremely vibrant colors in CMYK.

Color Books

Matching Color

Color Swatches Every monitor and every printer displays color a little differently. So with all this inconsistency, how can you get the color you want?

Spot colors, such as Pantone® colors, can help us have something to aim for, but not all Pantone® colors can be matched exactly. Embedded color profiles can help full color artwork.

Communication is the most important. If color match is important to you, make sure you communicate your color intentions to your sales representative. If you don’t have a Pantone® match or embedded color profile, at least make sure you describe the color intent; as the blue on the monitor may come out in print looking more green or purple.

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