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Vector Art vs Raster Art

Line Art

Line art, also known as vector art, is stored as points with connecting lines. The image will scale with no loss in quality. Line art is more easily manipulated to make adjustments in color or detail. Line art is the preferred format for artwork submitted to make your labels. Color matching capability is increased with line art. Fine detail will be rendered best with line art.

Raster Art

Raster art, or bitmap, is stored like a tile mosaic. Each pxel is like a different colored tile. Raster art gets blocky, or you can see the individual tiles when it is scaled. If raster art is submitted to make your labels, the higher the resolution the better. Color matching is limited with raster artwork.

Color Matching

All computer screens show color differently, and we cannot guarantee the colors on a your label will match the colors on your computer screen. If color match is important, we recommend ordering a pre-production sample.

Vector vs Raster Artwork

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